FAQ: Towering snippets

A few facts about the Water Tower to intrigue you…

  • It was originally built to provide water to one of the world’s first pressure fed central heating systems for the Victorian hospital that was built here for the poor (forerunner of the national health system we have today, up till then only the rich went to hospital, the poor just died)
  • When the hospital closed the Tower was going to be torn down to make way for a supermarket car park. But luckily for us it was saved
  • Restoration took two years and involved many craftsmen to transform it from a pigeon filled, dark, damp place to its current splendour
  • Great trouble was taken with the refurbishment. Specialist woods were used for the hand crafted fittings throughout – the master carpenter flew over from Australia, then went back to build  them in Australia then air-freighted them to the UK for final installation
  • The Tower features artworks by several South London artists including Richard CaldicottPatricio Forrester and Louiz Nielsen
  • The Tower was used in April 2011 as one of the principal locations for an exciting new urban thriller Twenty8k featuringParminder Nagra (of ER so a Chicago connection). The Tower “plays” a boutique hotel and a gang leader’s luxury pad
  • From the top of the Tower you can see for 30 miles (on a clear day!) in all directions
  • The building was designed by London architects Loates Taylor Shannon and the interior was designed by Red Zebrano with the aim of softening the feel of this former industrial building
  • The Tower has featured extensively in the press including the Independent, Telegraph and Observer national newspapers, the Grand Designs magazine and an upcoming feature on Spanish TV. For architectural buffs there have been detailed write-ups in the Architects Journal and the RIBA Review (UK architects’ professional body)
  • Our guests, since opening in April 2009 have included a wedding from the US, a scouting group from Australia, dancers from South Africa, a gospel group from US performing at Westminster and numerous happy groups of friends and families
  • Social Responsibility: for every booking we make a £50 donation to charity, so far we have been able to give around £5000 to Shelter and Rosa. 100% of our electricity comes from renewable resources and we are in the process of organising solar panels to be installed on the flat roof. The half used bottles of toiletries and used slippers don’t go to waste – we collect them up and send them to projects in developing countries.
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2 Responses to FAQ: Towering snippets

  1. Nicky Woodward says:

    I have just seen your tower on Grand Designs and think it’s amazing. It’s so cool that it’s been saved and I wish people could do this sort of thing to other buildings 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Actually the Water Tower on Grand Designs was another one also in London. There must be a few similarities as we have had several messages like yours 🙂
      Our Tower was also saved (at one point it was going to be demolished to make a car park for one of the major supermarkets!) and converted a few years ago. Since then it has been available for anyone to enjoy by booking a weekend or even longer. We are here whenever you are ready for your own Water Tower experience.
      Catherine (owner)

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