Specialist catering

Some of our guests are coming to the Water Tower for a special occasion. A family celebration or a reunion of university friends. If this is your situation you may want to have your own private party.where you don’t have to worry about a thing. The delicious food will arrive as if by magic, the wine will be chilled and there’ll be no taxi queues or washing up afterwards.

These menus are indicative of the range of food that can be provided. If you have a special requirement, a theme or a type of food you would like, then Table, our catering partners will be able to meet your needs. Just contact us to arrange a quote.

Prices for 10 guests: BBQ: £450, Banquet: £875, Cocktail party (for 20): £425

All catering includes food provision, preparation and cooking in the Tower and kitchen clearing up afterwards


  • Grilled prawns
  • Homemade beef burgers
  • Chicken kebabs
  • Halloumi cheese and pepper brochettes
  • Salads and bread
  • Fruit salad
  • Lemon or chocolate tart
  • Wine, beer and soft drinks

Cocktail party

A range of delicious canapes and cocktails including serving staff.

You might do this in the observatory room to enjoy the sunset. Live music can be arranged (additional cost)



Canapes and champagne (eg scallop and prawn won tons, quail egg croustade with guacamole)


  • Shrimp and samphire risotto
  • Thai beef salad
  • Sea bass fillets with vanilla butter vinaigrette
  • Fillet steak au poivre

Served with fresh seasonal vegetables


Lemon tart or Chocolate mousse in chocolate cups

Cheeseboard and coffee

Includes wine and soft drinks

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