Twenty8k update from the makers

“The edit for Twenty8k (partly filmed at the Water Tower in April 2011) is now nearing completion and we will lock the picture next Friday… We know we have the story right at this point as we have test screened the rough cut to an audience who know nothing about the film and the results were excellent. We have the right tension, pacing and emotion so it is bang on the money. Paul Abbott (Coronation St, Cracker, Shameless) has given us excellent notes.

“A week on Monday the film will go to the prestigious post-production house Molinare (The Kings Speech) for three months of intense work including grading, sound design, foley work, music mix and final sound mix… This polish is what will give the film the final gloss to enable it to compete in quality with the studio films being released.

… the plan is to take a teaser reel to the American Film Market in November and then screen the film to the people we have lined up in December… we are still on target for our May release in 2012.

The soundtrack is coming along beautifully. One of the composers is Jake Gosling, most famous for working with Wiley andEd Sheeran. He has recently re-mixed tracks for Lady Gaga, Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. Our other composer Ruth Barett has worked on an array of BBC dramas including Oliver Twist, the emmy award winning Sense and Sensibilityand the new two part ITV drama Wuthering Heights. She has also worked on The Take (Sky 1), Bouquet on a Barbwire(Channel 4) and the features The Flying ScotsmanPierrepointHarry Brown and Endgame. Their combined experience and skills are producing some stunning work.

Our cast have all gone onto to do some cracking projects, all of which is good for the publicity of Twenty8k when it comes out. Kaya Scoledario (Sally) was at the Venice Film Festival recently for the premiere of Wuthering Heights (in which she plays the lead). She also features in Invisible which is in post-production and is currently filming Stay with Me. Parminder Nagra (Deeva) recently featured in Horrid Henry and Alcatraz (which is in post-production). Kierston Wareing (Francesca) has filmedInside Men which comes out in 2012 and The Lodger which is currently in post-production. Greg Chillin (Ricky) has also filmed Inside Men (2012). Nicola Burley (Andrea) will also appear alongside Kaya Scoledario in Wuthering Heights. Jonas Armstrong is shooting Hit and Miss (with Abbott Vision, Paul Abbott’s company), also starring Chloe Sevigny. Finally it looks like Twenty8k’s youngest actor Sebastian Nanena is set to be appearing in Trance with Danny Boyle (also starring James Macavoy) which is about to start filming here at The Three Mills Studio.!/twenty8k

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